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Stop wasting valuable time tracking down employees while that important client waits on the phone. OfficeStatus puts staff location, status, and availability information at the fingertips of your entire organization!

Employee in out status board view

OfficeStatus is an easy-to-use in/out board software system for tracking employee work status, time & attendance, and more. It includes web, mobile and desktop user interfaces - making it accessible from anywhere. Enjoy transparent (everything-included) pricing, easy deployment, great customization options, and market-leading features - all with no monthly maintenance fees.

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  • Employee security and collaboration

    Enhanced staff collaboration, workflow, and security

  • Track employee time and attendance

    Easy and fast employee time and attendance tracking

  • Employee presence and status

    Employee location, presence, status & availability - at a glance!

  • Customer support

    Improved customer service and response times

  • Web, mobile, and desktop clients

    "Accessible anywhere" web, mobile, and Windows interfaces

  • Resource tracking

    Resource tracking for vehicles, rooms, equipment, and more

Large screen status view

Large screen public status view - perfect for conference rooms & reception areas

  • Phone and calendar integration

    Integrates with phone systems & syncs with MS Exchange calendars

  • Reporting

    Reporting for employee status, arrival times and much more

  • Company announcements

    Announce company wide information, status and events

  • Visualize staff availability

    Visualize staff availability - employee arrival, location, and more

  • Fully customizable

    Customize employee tracking to your precise requirements

  • Monitor employee status

    Monitor employee status changes as they occur - in real time

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  • “OfficeStatus is far more feature-rich than the in-house system we ran for years, and highly configurable too. Very impressive!”

    Charles Caspary, IT Admin

    “I appreciate the clear, all-in-one pricing model and excellent product support your company provides.”

    Tommy Evans, Senior Dev & Deployment Engineer

  • “OfficeStatus gives our organization excellent visibility into staff presence, and that's just incredibly valuable.”

    Barry Thompson, Systems Admin

    “We love the OfficeStatus web interface - crisp, clean, and with good performance.”

    Karen Keller, Senior Systems Engineer

  • “OfficeStatus has changed the way our organization works. No more wasting time trying to hunt people down.”

    Doug Wall, Network Admin Level IV

    “OfficeStatus has been the perfect fit for our company. Thanks for the solid product and great support.”

    Gregg Cole, Systems Administrator