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OfficeStatus Deployment Guide

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Establishing a Windows Account

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All of the major OfficeStatus Server software components run under the identity of a single Windows user account. In this installation step, you will have the option of either creating such an account, or selecting an existing one. In either case, the installer will handle the work for you (e.g. create a new account or validate an existing one).


For any new OfficeStatus Server installation, we strongly recommend that you create a new Windows user account. Doing so will ensure that the user account has the minimal set of security privileges required to operate the various OfficeStatus Server components. You have the option of creating this account on the host computer (as a local user), or within a Windows domain that you specify.


If you elect to have OfficeStatus Server run under the identity of an existing account, it is recommended that you limit the rights and privileges of that account according to your usage plans. This is generally considered an advanced option, and should be evaluated carefully for security risk potential within your specific environment.


During the final step of the OfficeStatus Server installation, the host Windows account will be granted the minimum rights and permissions required to allow it to function appropriately.


Components that assume the identity of this Windows account include:


The IIS host website (anonymous user account)

The OfficeStatus Maintenance system service

The OfficeStatus database (associated Windows login)