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OfficeStatus Deployment Guide

Navigation: Installing OfficeStatus Windows Client

Finishing the Installation

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Once the OfficeStatus Windows Client installation process has completed successfully, you will be provided with an option to launch the software immediately. Is it recommended that you do so to ensure that everything functions as expected.


When OfficeStatus Windows Client is launched, it will prompt the user for the following:


  1. An OfficeStatus account username

  2. An OfficeStatus account password

  3. The OfficeStatus Service web address


The first and second (authentication) fields correspond to the user account name and password that was created through the administrative section of the OfficeStatus web interface (please see our OfficeStatus admin guide for details).


The third field is the service address of your OfficeStatus Server installation, specified during the "Selecting a Website" phase of the server installation process (see related page link below). It will generally be in the form of "" or something similar. Note that you have the service address default to a specific value by using the ClientInstall.ini file generated by the OfficeStatus Server installation process.


A shortcut to OfficeStatus Windows Client will be created in the startup group of the end user's Windows Startup Menu, so that it will be started automatically on boot-up.