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OfficeStatus Deployment Guide

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Group Policy Deployment

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If your organization uses Windows Active Directory services, you may wish to consider using it to deploy OfficeStatus Windows Client to multiple domain users at once. This prevents IT staff from needing to go from one machine to another in order to install OfficeStatus Windows Client.


In order to deploy OfficeStatus Client using GPO, you'll need the MSI version of the installation package, which can be downloaded from the download page of the OfficeStatus website.


There are separate OfficeStatus Windows Client builds for 32 and 64 bit workstations. Please note that the 32-bit OfficeStatus Client build will also work (and is fully supported) in 64-bit environments. In cases where you have a mix of 32 and 64 bit workstations, you may elect to deploy the 32-bit build alone for the sake of simplicity.


Once downloaded, place the MSI installation package in a shared network folder. Ideally, the shared network folder will also contain a ClientInstall.ini generated by the OfficeStatus Server installation process. For more information on how the ClientInstall.ini file is generated and used, please see OfficeStatus deployment Quick Start Guide.


From here, you will need to create a group policy object on your domain controller to handle distribution of the OfficeStatus Windows Client MSI package. This is a fairly straight-forward process, and Microsoft provides detailed instructions on doing so here:


Another useful guide on GPO deployment is published by our installation technology provider, and is available here:


Note: The same command line switches described here can be used with the GPO installers to support silent installations and/or specify the target installation folder.


IMPORTANT: When planning a GPO deployment of OfficeStatus Windows Client, the Microsoft .NET Framework (v4.0 or later) must be pre-installed on target computers. Unlike the normal OfficeStatus Windows Client installer package, the MSI installers do NOT automatically download and install this requirement.