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OfficeStatus Deployment Guide

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OfficeStatus is an employee status management software solution that leverages the power of a distributed, service-oriented architecture to provide:


"Install anywhere" client capability - OfficeStatus Windows Client can connect to an OfficeStatus Server installation via a local area network, over the Internet, etc. Users can also interact with the system through a rich web-based client interface. Both clients use HTTP or HTTPS which generally means no firewall configuration requirements.

Deep scalability - A single OfficeStatus Server installation can service thousands of end users with its efficient, light-weight web service connection model and proven Microsoft technology stack.

Remote administration - All system administration functions are available from within the OfficeStatus web interface.

Low maintenance - OfficeStatus includes its own maintenance service, which runs in the background and helps keep the system lean and stable.


Deploying OfficeStatus within your organization involves a few simple steps:


1.Establish prerequisites.

2.Install OfficeStatus Server.

3.Optionally install OfficeStatus Client on each user's desktop (Group Policy Deployment is supported).


Note: Step 3 above is optional. If you prefer, you could have end users interact with OfficeStatus through its rich web interface. See this help topic for details.


The remainder of this guide discusses each of these steps in detail.