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OfficeStatus Deployment Guide

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Mobile Device Support

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The OfficeStatus mobile web interface provides a means for OfficeStatus users to access the system through the web browser included with their mobile device. It contains a subset of the functionality included in the normal OfficeStatus web interface (which is accessible through a normal desktop web browser).


When an OfficeStatus user accesses the web interface from a web browser on a supported mobile device, they will be presented with the OfficeStatus mobile web interface. This interface is optimized for presentation on small-screen devices. Since it is a web interface, it can be accessed from anywhere that network / Internet connectivity is available.


Supported Mobile Devices


The OfficeStatus mobile web interface supports Safari Mobile (iOS 9.0 and later), Chrome Mobile, Opera Mobile (v14.0 and later) and IE mobile (v10.0 and later). The minimum supported screen resolution is 240x320.


Accessing the Mobile Web Interface


When an end user accesses your OfficeStatus web interface through a supported mobile device, they will automatically be redirected to the mobile web interface.


The mobile web interface can also be accessed directly by appending "/mobile/" to the end of your normal OfficeStatus web address, like this:




The precise composition of the web address above will depend upon the choices made during installation of OfficeStatus Server.