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OfficeStatus Deployment Guide

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OfficeStatus Server Components

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OfficeStatus leverages the power of a standards-based, service-oriented architecture to provide a robust and scalable operational platform for employee status management.


When the OfficeStatus Server installation package is complete, the following list of components will have been created or installed:


An OfficeStatus Windows user account (local or on the target domain)  *

The OfficeStatus product database and associated login (installed on the target database server instance)

The OfficeStatus Maintenance system service (a Windows system service)

The OfficeStatus web components, including the web interface and web services (hosted within IIS)


* During product installation, you will be asked to create (or identify) a Windows account specifically for use by OfficeStatus. The OfficeStatus software components will listed above will execute under the identity of this user account. This approach allows the OfficeStatus installer to assign a minimal number or rights and privileges to the OfficeStatus user account in order to do its job, thus minimizing security exposure.