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OfficeStatus Deployment Guide

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Selecting a Website

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OfficeStatus Server requires a website for hosting two of its primary components - the web interface (for admin, normal, and mobile users) and the web service used by OfficeStatus Windows Client. A single Internet Information Services (IIS) website (or virtual directory) will host these services.


During installation, OfficeStatus Server will display a drop-down box listing of all IIS websites available on the host server. On a fresh Windows Server installation, there will be only one IIS website available for selection - the "default" website. If you'd like to create a new IIS website specifically for OfficeStatus Server, use the "Create new website" link to do so now.


You will also have a choice of installing the OfficeStatus web components into the root of the selected website (e.g. http://your-website/) or in a new virtual directory (e.g. http://your-website/OfficeStatus).


Note: If you elect to install into the root of an existing website, OfficeStatus Server will re-configure that website for its own use.


Important: The choices you make in this step will determine the final web address (URL) for your OfficeStatus Server installation. This web address can then be accessed directly (through a web browser) by administrators (for system management functions) or end users (for normal client interactions with the system). This web address will also be used by OfficeStatus Windows Client during login.