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OfficeStatus Deployment Guide

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Silent Installations

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It can be useful to initiate a silent installation of OfficeStatus Windows Client, particularly in environments where Group Policy Deployment (or some other form of managed deployment technology) is being used.


Use the "\qn" command line switch to install OfficeStatus Windows Client silently. Command line example:


officestatus_client_v2.exe /qn


Note that the path to the installation executable will likely need to be fully qualified.


You may also specify the target installation folder by using the "APPDIR" parameter, like this:


officestatus_client_v2.exe /qn APPDIR="c:\myinstall"


The command line above will result in OfficeStatus Windows Client being installed silently into the "c:\myinstall" folder. The target folder will be created automatically if it does not already exist.


Important: To achieve a completely silent installation, the Microsoft .NET Framework (v4.0 or later) must be pre-installed on the target computer. Otherwise, the end user may be prompted to accept the Microsoft's license agreement for this product, regardless of whether or not the "/qn" switch is used.