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OfficeStatus Deployment Guide

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The OfficeStatus Server installer has been developed to make product installation as smooth and straight-forward as possible. Almost no manual configuration is required in the vast majority of cases.


If, however, you do run into trouble during the installation process, please ensure that:


1.You're logged on with as a Windows system administrator

2.Your server computer meets the software requirements (see related help topic)

3.You have administrative access to a new or existing SQL Server database instance (see related help topic)


The OfficeStatus Server installation process will create a log file named "install.log" in the root of your selected installation path (below Program Files, by default). This log file may contain additional details on the nature of the installation failure.


If you require assistance in troubleshooting your OfficeStatus Server installation, please submit a technical support request through the Support section of our product website. It would be our pleasure to assist you.