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OfficeStatus Deployment Guide

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Upgrade Overview

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The OfficeStatus software solution is comprised of components that are installed either on the server or client side.


Each OfficeStatus software component has a four-part service version number associated with it (e.g. The first two parts of the service version number indicate the major and minor service version, respectively.


Whenever OfficeStatus Windows Client connects to OfficeStatus Server, the major and minor digits of the service version number are compared. In order for the client and server components to communicate, OfficeStatus Windows Client cannot report a service version number that is higher than that of OfficeStatus Server. If the client reported service version number is higher than that of the server, OfficeStatus Windows Client will show an error.


This compatibility check ensures that server components expose the communications interfaces that the client components expect.


Viewing Component Service Versions


To view the service version number of OfficeStatus Server, log into the web-based interface as an administrator. Then navigate to Administration | Help | About OfficeStatus.


To view the service version number of OfficeStatus Windows Client, navigate to Help | About.


Upgrade Version Rule


This information can be distilled into the following simple rule:


When upgrading to a newer major / minor version (e.g. 2.0.x.x to 2.5.x.x), upgrade OfficeStatus Server first, then upgrade OfficeStatus Client installations.


Doing so will always ensure proper communications compatibility between client and server components.