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OfficeStatus Deployment Guide

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Upgrading OfficeStatus Windows Client

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To upgrade OfficeStatus Windows Client to a newer version, perform the following actions on the end user's workstation:


1.Shut down (terminate) OfficeStatus Windows Client.

2.Optionally uninstall the existing version of OfficeStatus Windows Client.

3.Execute the newer version installation program.


When the installation begins, it will automatically uninstall the previous version of OfficeStatus Windows Client first, and then install the latest version. If the previous version cannot be uninstalled automatically for some reason, you will be prompted to do so before installation can proceed.


Alternatively, you can enable automatic client updates, in which case OfficeStatus Windows Client installations will keep themselves up to date without administrative intervention.


Note: During the OfficeStatus Windows Client upgrade process, certain user interface customizations may be reset in order to ensure the availability of new functionality.