IMPORTANT NOTICE: OfficeStatus is being sunset. Read the announcement for details.

Employee Status at a Glance

The OfficeStatus employee status board makes your organization work better by putting the status and availability of the entire workforce front-and-center. Employees can now stop wasting valuable time hunting down their colleagues. OfficeStatus facilitates labor routing decisions, eliminates uncertainty, and streamlines office communications.

OfficeStatus web status board view

The status of each employee is shown in color-coded form, along with key contact information, their estimated "due back" date and time, status comments, and other important information. Instantly know who's in, out, at lunch, on break, on vacation, etc.

  • Custom Statuses - Easily define any custom status your organization requires. Customize colors, images, and more.
  • Quick Status Changes - Right-click a user status to initiate a quick status change from a pop-up menu.
  • Customizable Views - Choose which columns you want to have appear (and in what order), change sorting, and more.
  • Filter - Filter the status board listing by location, department, status, and overdue status.
  • Employee Search - Search for the status of a specific employee by a wide range of criteria.
  • Automatic Updating - Self-updating employee status views - no refresh button clicks required.
  • Web, Windows, and Mobile - Dedicated user interfaces for web, Windows desktop, and mobile devices.
  • Export and Print - Take a snapshot of your current status board view for later, or print it out.
  • Accessible Anywhere - Access status board features via local network, the Internet, mobile devices, etc.

Improve productivity by putting status and availability information at the fingertips of your entire workforce. Make better decisions, communicate more effectively, and elevate your customer service capabilities.

Start reaping the benefits of this powerful tool today!

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