IMPORTANT NOTICE: OfficeStatus is being sunset. Read the announcement for details.

Public (Large Screen) Employee Status View

OfficeStatus provides a read-only, web-based employee status view that's perfect for display on large screens in public places such as meeting rooms and reception areas.

Large screen public employee status view

Features of the public employee status view include:

  • Self-Updating - Updates automatically and seamlessly, without any need for manual refresh.
  • Table and Tile Views - Switch between information-rich table view or tile view with employee photos.
  • Automatic Scrolling - Optional automatic scrolling of large user status listing.
  • Multiple Sizes - Small, medium, large and very large view sizes help to ensure good fit.
  • Filtering - Filter the public status view by location, department, or status.
  • Sorting - Sort public view contents by employee name, due back date/time, or status.
  • Browser Accessible - Access the employee public status view from any supported web browser.

Use of the public employee status view isn't limited to just large-screen devices. Use it anywhere that you want to provide a read-only informational status view. All that's needed is a supported web browser.

Start reaping the benefits of this powerful tool today!

Download OfficeStatus