IMPORTANT NOTICE: OfficeStatus is being sunset. Read the announcement for details.

Resource Tracking

OfficeStatus in/out board not only provides status and availability tracking for employees, but also for resources. Now you can easily track rooms, vehicles, equipment, and other important resources.

OfficeStatus resource tracking

Your organization can define any number of resources, resource types, and resource statuses (such as "available", "in use", "out of service", etc.) - making the system incredibly flexible. Other features include:

  • Search for resources by type, availability, location, and more
  • Easy resource status changes (with assisted date/time entry)
  • Automatic status history (chain of custody) tracking and reporting
  • Public resource notes to keep employees informed
  • Resource status scheduling (with recurrence support)
  • Automatic return support during status changes
  • Easy access to resource details and photos
  • Much more!
OfficeStatus resource details

Resource status management features are available from both the Windows Client (desktop) and web interfaces.

Start reaping the benefits of this powerful tool today!

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