Changing Employee Status

OfficeStatus makes it easy for employees to change their status, availability, and presence information.

Quick status changes can be executed directly from the employee status board with just a couple of mouse clicks. When employees wish to specify "due back" or provide additional details about a status change (comments, etc.) they use the screen shown below. The user status change window provides many powerful, time-saving date/time assistance capabilities.

OfficeStatus employee status change

Other employee status change features include:

  • One-Click Return - Click a single button to set your status to "In" and reset any existing status info.
  • Out & Returning - Use this button to quick set yourself as "Out" with a calculated due back date/time.
  • Future Status Scheduling - Schedule status changes to occur in the future.
  • Recurrence - Scheduled status changes can be configured to recur at regular intervals.
  • Custom Fields - Use custom status fields to convey specialized information relating to user status.
  • Assisted Date/Time Entry - Use the "Assist" buttons to quickly enter calculated date/time values.
  • Auto Return Status - Automatically return to a chosen status when the due back date/time has elapsed.
  • Comment Library - Choose from a list of pre-defined (and fully configurable) status comments.

OfficeStatus is highly customizable. Admins can enable or disable scheduled status changes, quick status changes, and much more. They can also enable or disable scheduling and recurrence or require due back information to be entered - all on a per-status basis.

Start reaping the benefits of this powerful tool today!

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