Multiple End User Interface Options

OfficeStatus in/out board provides your users with three powerful user interface choices.

The web interface is accessible to all OfficeStatus users without the need for client software installation. Compatible with all modern web browsers, the web interface presents an extremely rich usage experience. The web interface is also used by system administrators when managing OfficeStatus.

OfficeStatus web interface

The Windows Client desktop interface provides an extremely rich user experience, as well as direct integration with the user's computer. This integration can be leveraged for automatic status detection, desktop notifications, and much more. The OfficeStatus Windows Client connects to OfficeStatus Server via the network or Internet.

OfficeStatus Windows desktop interface

The mobile web interface makes OfficeStatus accessible to any mobile device with modern web browser software installed. No software is installation is required - just access the mobile interface from a mobile device, and the rest is handled automatically.

OfficeStatus mobile web interface OfficeStatus mobile status board

All three OfficeStatus interfaces are accessible from across a local area network or the Internet. OfficeStatus administrators can also choose to limit any given user's access to a specific subset of these interface options.

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