Licensing OfficeStatus

Q: What Am I Buying?

When you purchase one more software products from Key Metric Software, you will receive product registration information electronically (via email). This registration information can be used to permanently unlock the software that is free to download from our product website.

Your company will receive free technical support for a full year after your latest license purchase. Please see our support policy for additional details.

Q: How Does OfficeStatus Licensing Work?

OfficeStatus is licensed on a per-user basis. You'll need a license for each user that is currently enabled within the system (disabled users do not count against installed licenses). Each licensed user will be able to log into (and interact with) the system as long as their account remains enabled.

Q: Can I Purchase & Install Multiple Licenses?

Yes. OfficeStatus provides the ability to install multiple licenses in order to support a specific number of users. For example, you can purchase one 25-user license and one 10-user license and install them both - effectively allowing your OfficeStatus installation to support 35 users. In fact, you can install any number of licenses at any time, as long as they're for the same major version of OfficeStatus.

Q: Can I Buy Licenses for a Previous Major Version of OfficeStatus?

No, we do not sell licenses for previous major version releases of OfficeStatus. If you're running an older major version of OfficeStatus, you'll need to upgrade to the current release prior to purchasing additional licenses.

Q: Do Purchased Licenses Ever Expire?

No, purchased product licenses never expire and are not subject to any ongoing maintenance or renewal fees. Minor version upgrades (those within the same major version number) are free, and major version upgrades are available (and are entirely optional) at a significant discount.

Q: Do You Offer Non-Profit, Educational, or Governmental Discounts?

Yes, we offer discounted licenses to non-profit, educational, and governmental organizations, and will also provide special discount incentives to organizations that are considering a cross-grade from a competing product. Please contact us at for additional information.

Q: Are License Upgrades Free?

Minor version upgrades (e.g. v6.0 to v6.1) are free, while major version upgrades (e.g. v5.x to v6.x) are heavily discounted. If you'd like to upgrade to the current major version of OfficeStatus, please see our upgrade page.

Q: What Is Your Return Policy?

OfficeStatus provides a free, 30-day evaluation license upon installation. We strongly encourage you to evaluate OfficeStatus before purchasing to ensure that it suits your needs. If you need an extension on your trial period, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Because you can evaluate the product before purchasing, Key Metric Software does not accept returns for OfficeStatus product licenses.

Q: What If I Have More Questions?

Please email us with any other questions you may have. We'd be happy to hear from you!