There are two different types of OfficeStatus upgrades: version upgrades, and license size upgrades.

Version Upgrades

Minor version upgrades (those falling within the same major product version number) are free. In such cases, you need only download the latest version of OfficeStatus and install it.

For major version upgrades (e.g. from v5.x to v6.x), you'll need to upgrade your existing license(s) before installing the latest version.

Contact us We offer significant discounts on license upgrades. If you would like to upgrade to OfficeStatus v6 from a previous major version, email us for pricing. Please include information about your existing license(s).

To ensure a seamless upgrade installation, please review the Upgrade Overview section of our product deployment guide.

License Size Upgrades

OfficeStatus makes it easy to add users to your existing installation with its support of combined licensing. This feature allows you to purchase and install multiple licenses of different sizes in order to achieve a specific supported user count.

For example, if you had originally purchased a 50-user OfficeStatus license, and later decide to add 10 more users to the system, you can simply purchase a new 10-user license and install it alongside your existing license(s).