Upgrade OfficeStatus Server From v2 to v6

OfficeStatus Server v2 must be uninstalled prior to installing v6. Special steps are required to ensure that OfficeStatus Server v6 installs successfully once v2 is removed.

IMPORTANT: In order to prevent data loss, please follow these steps carefully.

STEP 1: Choose an upgrade time. Since OfficeStatus will be unavailable during the upgrade process, you may wish to perform the ugprade within a scheduled outage window (or a time when the system is not likely to be in use).

STEP 2: Back up your existing OfficeStatus Server v2 installation, including the OfficeStatus database. This step is optional, but is strongly recommended.

STEP 3: Uninstall OfficeStatus Server v2 by navigating to Start | All Programs | OfficeStatus Server, and select Uninstall OfficeStatus Server.

STEP 4: When the OfficeStatus System Configuration screen appears, un-check both of the options presented. Click the Finish button to allow the un-install process to proceed to completion.

STEP 5: Now that OfficeStatus Server v2 is un-installed, start the installation of OfficeStatus Server v6 by running the associated setup executable with a special command line switch, as follows:

officestatus_server_v6.exe FORCE_UPGRADE_CONFIG="1"

Important: During the installation of OfficeStatus Server v6, be sure to select the same installation path that you were using for v2. In other words, if you installed OfficeStatus Server v2 to "c:\Program Files\OfficeStatus Server", make sure you use the same installation path for v6.

STEP 6: Allow the installation of OfficeStatus Server v6 to run to completion, clicking OK or Next along the way as required.

OfficeStatus v6 should now be successfully installed and accessible just as your previous installation was (e.g. same URL, etc.). You can now (optionally) proceed with upgrading OfficeStatus Windows Client installations.