This page provides answers to a number of common questions many customers have when upgrading to OfficeStatus 6 from a previous major version.

Will our existing OfficeStatus previous license(s) work with the new v6 release?

No. OfficeStatus 6 is a major product release, and previous major version product licenses will not work with it. Existing license holders that are interested in upgrading their OfficeStatus product installations to the new v6 release will also need to upgrade their product licenses.

Our company has major version upgrade protection. How do we get a new license?

If you're currently covered by a major version upgrade protection agreement, please email us with the details (including the licenes involved) and we'll send your new OfficeStatus v6 license information.

We own a previous version license. Can we upgrade it at a discount?

Yes. Please email sales for upgrade discount information. Please be sure to include details regarding your current product license.

Should we remove our existing OfficeStatus Server installation before installing the new v6 release?

If you are currently running OfficeStatus Server v3 or later, then no - the upgrade to is fully automatic. If you're running an earlier version of OfficeStatus Server, however, you'll need to follow a simple series of steps in order to upgrade.

Must we upgrade our OfficeStatus Client installations immediately after upgrading OfficeStatus Server?

No. OfficeStatus Server is designed specifically to avoid this requirement by retaining protocol-level compatibility with existing OfficeStatus Client releases. In other words, your previous version OfficeStatus Windows Client installations will be able to communicate with your new OfficeStatus Server v6 installation.

However, please keep in mind that many of the new features of OfficeStatus v6 will NOT be available to users running older versions of OfficeStatus Windows Client. For this reason, we recommend upgrading your OfficeStatus Windows Client installations as soon as possible.

Will Key Metric Software continue to support previous OfficeStatus versions?

Please see our support policy for details.

I Have Other Questions. Who Can I Contact?

We welcome the opportunity to answer any additional questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us via email, and we'll answer your questions promptly.