Locking Users Within Departments

With the release of OfficeStatus v4.5 comes a new ability to constrain users to the departments of which they are currently a member.

The switch that toggles this feature on/off is part of the administrative user editor. Engaging it will ensure that the user will only see their own department(s). Users that are members of other departments will be invisible.

This feature extends beyond the in/out status board, affecting user messaging, status watches, etc. It can be beneficial in cases where your organization would prefer a higher degree of departmental isolation, limiting and simplifying interaction between users within the OfficeStatus interfaces.

Also, a related change – by default, users can no longer modify their own departmental membership as they could in releases prior to v4.5. If your organization wishes one or more users to have this ability, it can be allowed at the user level.

posted by admin at 4:42 pm


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