OfficeStatus 6.2 Released

Key Metric Software is proud to announce the release of OfficeStatus v6.2.

For this release, our team focused on a few key features that were the subject of frequent customer feedback.

First, the OfficeStatus public table view is now highly configurable – you can now choose from a (much larger) selection of user status columns simply by passing URL parameters through the web browser. For details, click the new “Customization Help” entry in the public view Options menu (after upgrading OfficeStatus Server, of course).

We’ve also updated the user and resource calendar views so that they’re able to target a specific user or resource, respectively. Calendar filters are also now sorted, and we’ve re-arranged the page toolbars to make them consume less space.

OfficeStatus administrators can also now configure user statuses so that they are locked by default. This often works well with statuses such as “On Vacation” where you want to ensure that the user’s status isn’t affected by the presence sensing capabilities of OfficeStatus Windows Client, calendar synchronization, etc.

OfficeStatus v6.2 also now officially supports Windows Server 2019, fixes a number of bugs, and includes updated browser support.

For a full list of v6.2 release notes, please see the following page of our product website:

Or head straight for the download:

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  • Track employee status and location
  • Track and manage company resources
  • Report on employee time & attendance
  • Improve customer service & response times
  • Visualize workforce availability
  • Manage employee emergency contacts
  • Get notifications of employee arrival
  • Generate employee time cards


  • 100% malware free
  • 100% spyware free
  • 100% adware free
  • 100% quality software